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Preparing Future Generations to Solve Tomorrow’s Problems

Doug Roblin

Doug Roblin ’75 hopes his gift will help leave the world a better place.

Doug Roblin ’75 graduated with degrees in Anthropology and Chemistry. He completed his master’s in Anthropology at The University of Chicago, followed by a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Michigan with his dissertation, Labor Market Behavior of Disadvantaged Migrants: A Case Study of Samoans in the San Francisco Bay Area.

At IUP, he partnered physical and social sciences, thanks to direction from the chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and from department faculty. After completing his doctorate, Doug began work as a statistician, and his career has evolved into an accomplished career as a health services researcher, primarily with Kaiser Permanente.

In addition to his work as a health services researcher, Doug also spent time at Georgia State University’s School of Public Health as a professor of Health Management and Policy. Recently, he returned to Kaiser Permanente as a senior research scientist, where he is today.

Doug has supported higher education for the past 20 years, viewing it as a return on the investment of his education and work experience. His strong sense of responsibility to higher education and the important role it plays in the future of our society motivate him to give back by supporting students' research efforts through scholarships.

“There are so many fascinating questions related to health care and medicine to address in this world,” Doug says. “I wish I were 30 again, with the time and energy to investigate some of those questions.”

Over the years, he has invested well. He has mentored a number of staff and students. He believes investment in education is a critical strategy to help solve society’s problems and that students should gain the knowledge and skills to solve them. His hope is that his gift will inspire others and prepare future generations to solve society’s future challenges and leave the world a better place.

To learn how you can make a gift that will impact future generations, contact Dave Maudie '87 at or 724-357-2243 today.